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EM Photonics releases beta of CULATools

by on August 17, 2009

nvidia-logoOne highly anticipated piece of software amongst the HPC and GPGPU groups has been “CULA”, a port of the popular LAPack linear algebra library to CUDA systems allowing a near-painless performance boost by simply installing a high-end NVidia card and recompiling your code.  That day is getting closer, as EM Photonics has released a beta of their upcoming version of this, ‘CULATools’.

EM Photonics’ CULAtools is a product family comprised of CULA Basic, Premium, and Commercial. The CULA library is a GPU-accelerated implementation of the most popular LAPACK routines. LAPACK is a collection of commonly used functions in linear algebra, used by millions of developers in the scientific and engineering community. The problems they tackle can often be approximated by linear models and can, therefore, be solved using linear algebra routines. CULA exploits the massively parallel CUDA architecture of NVIDIA’s GPUs to accelerate many of the common LAPACK routines.

The full production released is expected to coincide with the NVidia GPU Technology Conference September 30th-October 2nd.

via New CULA Linear Algebra Library from EM Photonics Brings GPU Computing to Millions of Developers.