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Visualization in Network Security

by on July 6, 2009

vizworldfeatureOne of the best resources for innovations in the field of visualization for network security is the Annual VizSec Workshop. This year the VizSec Workshop will be held in Atlantic City, NJ along with the Visualization conference and the InfoVis conference. Click here for more details about the workshop – VisSec 2009.

Before I discuss some innovative visualizations for network security, let me point out that there are two excellent books written by visualization for network security experts. Here they are:

Security Data Visualization: Graphical Techniques for Network Analysis by Greg Conti

security_data_visualizationSecurity Data Visualization is a well-researched and richly illustrated introduction to the field. Greg Conti, creator of the network and security visualization tool RUMINT, shows you how to graph and display network data using a variety of tools so that you can understand complex datasets at a glance. And once you’ve seen what a network attack looks like, you’ll have a better understanding of its low-level behavior–like how vulnerabilities are exploited and how worms and viruses propagate.

Applied Security Visualization by Raffy Marty (who has a security visualization blog at http://secviz.org).

applied_security_visualizationIn Applied Security Visualization, leading network security visualization expert Raffael Marty introduces all the concepts, techniques, and tools you need to use visualization on your network. You’ll learn how to identify and utilize the right data sources, then transform your data into visuals that reveal what you really need to know. Next, Marty shows how to use visualization to perform broad network security analyses, assess specific threats, and even improve business compliance.

Read after the break for some other excellent sources of innovations in the network security visualization field:

These are some of the resources that I found extremely interesting and useful. Most of the papers are from the VisSec Workshop and I would strongly encourage you to try to attend the workshop this year on October 11th in Atlantic City, NJ.

As a network security expert, if you have any other resources/software/tools that you think are integral to your day to day activities, please let us know.