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The Impact of Microsoft Research Hotmap

by on July 9, 2009

One of the first entries in the VizWeek Discovery Exhibition is live, and it’s from none other than Microsoft Research.  The team behind the “Hotmap” tool, which tracks usage of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth, released a report detailing how they’ve used their results.  They detail three main benefits:

  1. Documenting Usage – Detailed documentation of where users look can be used to determine where to spent money on newer, higher-resolution maps, leading to a more effective allocation of funds in the project.
  2. Documenting Errors – The usage shows strange spikes that can be traced to unusual errors, such as the high occurance of viewers looking at (0,0), off the coast of Africa.
  3. Documenting Attacks – Strange access patterns, such as a faint squarish area over China, show attempts to scrape data that can then be prevented.

It’s a great read, and the full PDF is available on the Discovery Week website.

via Infovis Discovery Exhibition: The Impact of Microsoft Research Hotmap – information aesthetics.