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Sony Pictures Imageworks releases Open Source

by on July 30, 2009

imageworks-ossSony Picture’s Imageworks has just released 5 of their internal products at open-source tools.  Rob Bredow, CTO, says this:

We’ve chosen 5 projects to release as open source. This software can be freely used by large and small studios around the world. We’ve intentionally chosen popular non-restrictive licensing models to help ensure you have lots of options.

Each of these projects have passionate people behind them who are interested in seeing the code widely used. We’re into the idea of building small development communities around this code. If you’re interested in contributing, join the respective mailing lists and introduce yourself.

The five packages they’ve released are:

  • OSL – Open Shading Language
  • Scala Migrations – Database Library Manager
  • Field3D – Voxel Data storage library
  • pystring -Python String Handling in C++
  • Maya Reticle – Flexible camera guides for Maya

via Sony Pictures Imageworks – Open Source.