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SGI, PSC, and NSF – Update

by on July 30, 2009

sgi_newIt’s been two weeks since we first broke the news of the deal between SGI and NSF for a 1-PetaFlop $30M computer going in at Pittsburg Supercomputing Center.  I’ve heard a few more things from reliable sources, and wanted to update the story.

Once it was plain that SGI wasn’t going to ship the $30M system, the NSF seemed to take it a bit personally.  They then began contacting other government agencies and NSF groups that were considering purchasing SGI systems and began “recommending” (“requiring” where they could) that they consider backup plans in the event that SGI filed for bankruptcy again.  Ouch. A bit below-the-belt, given that the Rackable deal hasn’t even really settled yet, but effective.

SGI has re-entered negotiations with PSC and NSF to deliver something. It definately won’t be a $30M 1-Petaflop machine, but it’ll probably hit at least one of those numbers (either a lower-powered $30M machine, or a much more expensive 1-Petaflop machine).  For now, it seems that the dust has settled and all parties are playing nice again, if not a little bit relunctantly.

Hopefully we’ll be able to post some news about a big SGI going in somewhere soon.