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Red Bull Formula 1 using FieldView

by on July 2, 2009

Red Bull Technology’s Formula 1 car just brought home a 1-2 finish at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai in April, and another 1-2 finish at Silverstone in June.  How did they do it?  Well, FieldView from Intelligent Light gave them insight into the CFD models used to simulate their cars, helping them edge out the competition.

Learning from high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and rapidly turning the results into design decisions is the rule at Red Bull Technology. With several thousand cores of high performance computing (HPC) capacity churning out simulation results 24 hours a day, converting the solution data into key metrics, launching comparative studies, and understanding important flow phenomena requires robust, efficient tools. Red Bull Technology relies on FieldView(TM) CFD post-processing software from Intelligent Light to turn simulation data into actionable information in this highly productive CFD workflow.

via Red Bull Formula 1 Team Races to 1-2 Finishes at Chinese and British Grands Prix using FieldView(TM) CFD Post-Processing as Critical Engineering Tool – MarketWatch.