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Portable Large Multitouch Display Concept

by on July 20, 2009

portabledisplayWhat do you get when you combine a small computer, a projector, and a suitcase?  You get the “Portable Large Interactive Display”.  A prototype, from Hiep Truong, is small enough to be portant and turn any bright flat surface into an up-to 60″ multi-touch display.

For my master thesis at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Delft I developed a portable system which allows users to create a 60inch multi-touch projection at virtually any flat surface. The concept featured a suitcase containing all the necessary components to create an interactive surface on a flat bright table.

An application is developed to support users in the building industry in performing ad-hoc meetings where large scale building plans can be projected and discussed on a meeting table.

A very impressive project indeed.  See video of it in action after the break.

via Portable Large Interactive Display Concept on Vimeo.

Portable Large Interactive Display Concept from Hiep Truong on Vimeo.