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Magical, 3D-Warping Techniques Steadies Your Videos

by on July 2, 2009

3dimagewarpOne entry that caught my eye in the Siggraph Technical Papers Preview was a non-linear 3D Warping technique for video stabilization.  Well, some more information is out about that and the results are astounding.  The University of Wisconson, partnered with Adobe, has developed a technique that combines traditional 2D motion tracking with nonlinear frame warping to create an image stabilization algorithm that’s the closest I’ve ever seen to professional dolly-systems, completely in software.

The paper will be presented at SIGGRAPH2009, and hopefully the algorithm will be a part of future Adobe products.  See their demonstration video which compares the results of their software against iMovie’s 2D image stabilization, after the break.

You can read more about their algorithms here.