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Louisiana Tech to get $2.85 million cyber grant

by on July 18, 2009

la-tech2Louisiana Tech University has just won a U.S. Air Force’s Office of Scientific Research grant for $2.85 Million, to be used to establish the Cyberspace Research Laboratory.

The Cyberspace Research Lab will support advanced research and development functions such as virtualization, visualization, high performance computing, wireless sensor networks and micro unmanned aerial vehicles. These facilities will allow researchers to configure different environments, simulate and test real-life events where security breaches may occur, and develop remedies against such security attacks.

Tapping into the new threat of cyber-terrorism:

“Tech has an important role to play in cyberspace R&D,” said Les Guice, vice president for research and development at Louisiana Tech. “As evidenced by recent attacks government computers, cyber threats are more and more prolific, demonstrating a critical need for further R&D. We intend to play a major role in addressing these needs.”

It’s a good win for Louisiana Tech, and combined with the existing high-speed LONI network it will be one of the top cyberspace research labs in the nation.

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