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Lockheed Martin wins DARPA Augmented Reality Specs Contract

by on July 7, 2009

DARPA, the Pentagon’s mad-scientist division, has awarded Lockheed Martin $1m to develop “daylight-readable, see-through, low-profile, ergonomic” color video glasses.  That’s a tall order, and Lockheed Martin will be working with Microvision to build it.

The Lockheed-Microvision deal is part of a US military project named Urban Leader Tactical Response, Awareness & Visualization (ULTRA-Vis). It’s intended to equip American combat troops not only with see-through video specs but also with a cunning “gesture recognition” interface allowing squad leaders to effectively scribble on the real world – for instance marking a door, and having the same mark show up in their teammates’ specs as well.

The US military has been investing in Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality for years, but hopefully whatever they come up with will eventually make it down to public consumer level.

via $1m for seethrough vidspecs in DARPA VR war-graffiti plan • The Register.