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Four-dimensional visualization with optical coherence tomography

by on July 7, 2009

Fig3aResearchers from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland, have adapted a spectral OCT instrument (optical coherence tomography) to capture super-high resolution (micrometer) images over time (5 fps).  Since these are 3D scans, they call them volumes and state the system has an speed of approximateyl “5 volumes per second”.

With this new equipment, they were able to capture “4 dimensional” visualizations of the human eyes, meaning real-time 3D video.  They were able to capture detailed video of lenticular accomodation (watching the eye lens focus at varying depths), and blinking and light response of the pupil.

Look in the references of the article for more animated GIF’s of their results.

Four-dimensional visualization with optical coherence tomography: SPIE Newsroom: SPIE.org.