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Creating 3D Content tutorials at IBC09

by on July 21, 2009

ibc2009Monday, September 14th will be “D Cinema Day” at IBC09, focusing on the entire processing of generating stereoscopic 3D for films.  Chaired by Phil Streather, CEO of Principal Large Format, the day-long session will cover introductory material, previs, image capture, and finally editing stereo film.

The purpose of our programme on D Cinema Day at IBC 09 is to ensure that people are aware of the latest tools in 3D content creation and editing, how they can be used, and what benefits they can bring to a project. Not everybody can afford current high end 3D post production tools. But there are alternatives out there that are cheaper and more accessible to smaller or independent production companies, and our aim is to showcase some of them to an audience that might so far have limited or no experience of 3D movie-making. The more people who can have access to tools to make good 3D the better.

via CORRECTING and REPLACING New Routes to 3D Content During D Cinema Day at IBC 09 | SYS-CON INDIA.