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Carmack believes iPhone 3GS Can Run id Tech 5

by on July 1, 2009

John Carmack of id software, now part of Bethesda, sits down with Toms Hardware to talk about the iPhone 3GS and what can be done with the new OpenGLES2.0 hardware, and he’s excited about the possibility.

In fact, he proclaims, “now I am very excited about what I can do from a hardware and graphics standpoint with the 3GS. With vertex fragment shaders and OpenGL 2.0, I’m pretty convinced that I can actually run the MegaTexture id Tech 5 content creation pipeline on there. And I’m not sure what game I want to do that with yet, but the combination of seeing people download 700mb files of Myst on there, and the new capabilities, I could do some mind-blowingly cool stuff on there.”

id has already released a new Doom game for the iPhone, and claims they are working on a new iPhone Doom Trilogy.

via Carmack: iPhone 3GS Can Run id Tech 5 – Tom’s Guide.