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Army uses InfoVis to uncover procurement fraud

by on July 15, 2009

procurementThe US Government, particularly the military, deals with thousands of contractors and vendors and billions of dollars.  Tracking the flow of money throughout the thousands of hands it must pass through is a difficult task, to say the least.  How does the US Government track possible procurement fraud through this maze of connections?  The US Army uses powerful infovis software.

So, not surprisingly, integrator SRA International, which has a contract to help the Army Criminal Investigation Division investigate potential procurement fraud, uses data visualization software from i2 to help root out cases of bribery, money laundering or conspiracy.

“The contracting arena is just so large [and] there are so many government personnel, bidders, contractors, employees and their families. Data visualization software really helps clarify the big picture,” said Amanda Post, an analyst for SRA.

via Army employs visualization software to uncover procurement fraud — Government Computer News.