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Apple to dump NVidia?

by on July 2, 2009

apple-logo-3News is spreading that Apple, in response to recent problems with the 8600M GT graphics chips in many of Apple’s Macbooks, has pushed to get some kind of acknowledgement from Nvidia about the issue that’s costing them a fortune in support costs.

SemiAccurate is reporting that, according to multiple sources, at recent negotiations between the two companies, discussions became rather heated, in part due to NVIDIA’s apparently arrogant stance concerning its supplier relationship with Apple. Evidently, Apple was expecting more modesty from a company that has cost it so much cash, thanks to a problem it didn’t even acknowledge existed.

But what’s Apple’s alternatives?  AMD? Not likely, since they use Intel chipsets primarily.  Remember all that news earlier about Apple hiring chip designers internally?  That’s right, maybe Apple’s gonna have their own chip in the next round of hardware.

It’s all speculation at this point, but with a name like “SemiAccurate” it has to be true, right?

via Apple/NVIDIA Rift to Spark Major Component Changes?.