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Visualizing Data: the Sampras & Federer Title Race

by on June 15, 2009

Sampras-Federer-Comparison-520Roger Federer is now tied with Pete Sampras for the record of Most Grand Slam Titles (14).  But how did each athlete get there?  It’s an interesting question that Dave Potsiadlo decided to answer.

Although the two athletes have arrived at the same destination, how do their respective journeys compare with one another? With this question fueling my curiosity, I set out to create a rich visualization of the data to add some depth to this story.

It’s a great graph, and his website contains a wealth of knowledge about its creation.  Done entirely in Adobe Illustrator, it’s not only a great reference on managing data and visualization, but on use of non-science products (illustrator) for graphing.

Visualizing Data: the Sampras & Federer Title Race – Intridea Design Blog.