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Statistics of the VFX in Transformers 2

by on June 21, 2009

Scott Farrar at ILM is the guy in charge of the special effects of next weekend’s Transformers 2, and he sits down with the San Francisco Examiner to talk about some of the VFX shots:

While the first “Transformers” spawned 14 robots, there are 46 this go around; all were created at ILM.

If all of the effects’ texture maps were printed on one-square-yard sheets, they would cover 13 football fields.

The first film took up 20 terabytes of disk space; this film takes up 145 terabytes (seven times larger). It would take 35,000 DVDs to store 145 terabytes; stacked one on top of the other without storage cases, they would be 145 feet tall.

via Effects wizard keeps ‘Transformers’ looking amazing | San Francisco Examiner.