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SGI Legal Recap

by on June 24, 2009

sgi-ceo-payIt’s been a while since we’ve talked about the events surrounding the SGI Legal Case. What, you thought it was over?  Far from it, actually.  There’s a hearing today (June 24th) at 10AM to address some more issues, big items on the docket include objections raised by Intel and Oracle about transfer of contracts.  Also, a new set of Monthly Operating Reports have been published in dockets 480-493 showing that the CEO’s pulled in a nice $190k this month, down from last month’s $223k.  It also shows that SGI operated at a net loss of $15Million this month, not surprising for a company that’s really nothing more than a dying husk at this point as the actual business is being done in the new SGI company.

It’s worth nothing that Eliot Bernstein (iViewIt) and William Kuntz III are still working the system with several objections and legal motions surrounding the event.  Check back later for an update of Eliot Bernstein’s objections, direct from the man himself.

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