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NVidia wants to bring HPC to the Masses

by on June 22, 2009

At a technical conference for financial analysts last week, NVidia spoke about the power of GPU computing and how the recent combination of the economic recession, Moore’s Law, and the simple architecture of modern PC’s will drive the move towards GPU computing.

“You compute for a long time and you vizualise at 60 hertz. We believe we can bring computation acceleration to that market. The GPU could be used for all kinds of simulations and the incredible speed up that people have seen. Imagine if it took a day to do a simulation and then it took an hour, it would change your life.”

Of course, NVidia expects to be the big dog when this finally comes around, with significant investment in CUDA and OpenCL making them the de-facto standard in GPGPU computing for the moment.  They didn’t, however, mention that Intel’s Larabee might provide a worthwhile alternative.

via TG Daily (c) – Nvidia’s boss aims for computing hegemony.