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Our 1000th Post: More SGI Legal Documents

by on May 29, 2009

For our 1000th post here on VizWorld I wanted something special.  I was just looking over the SGI Legal Documents we uncovered a while back, and saw alot has been updated.  There’s a few new motions from Eliot Bernstein and others, and many notices of serves, but just today they’ve added several Monthly Operating reports for various divisions of SGI and Cray Research.  Most of them are blank and fairly dull, except for Docket #419, “Monthly Operating Report for Silicon Graphics, Inc for the Period April1-24, 2009”.  It actually contains numbers, including the following impressive chart of executive payments for the period:

sgi-paymentsIf I’m reading that correct, and I’m neither a Lawyer nor an Accountant, the CEO’s are still pulling in $30k a month as the company circles the drain.  Also in the document is the amount paid and owed to various companies involved in the bankruptcy proceedings and restructuring (showing a startling amount of money still owed),