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Has Sun Killed the Sun Visualization System?

by on May 21, 2009

Update: See Sun’s official response.

The Sun Visualization System from Sun Microsystems has been a great COTS build for remote visualization & large scalability.  With a software foundation of TurboVNC & VirtualGL and a hardware foundation of their world-class servers and high-end NVidia & Quadroplex systems, it’s been the mainstay of several remote visualization systems.  A few weeks ago we told you that Sun was about to be purchased by Oracle, and since then it’s been finalized.

Today, however, a fellow twitterer noticed that the Sun Visualization Webpage is almost entirely gone.  I’m completely unable to find it under their products lists, and going directly to the old page (still available under search), yields just this:

The new SVS Webpage

That’s it.  A Banner, but no text.  That “Get it” button goes to a form to ask for details, but nothing more.

Has Sun silently killed the SVS?

Update: I’ve attempted to contact Sun, so far no response.

Sun Visualization System – Overview.