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Framestore Creates Magic For Girls Aloud

by on April 14, 2009

Popular British girl-band “Girls Aloud” got their latest music video tweaked by “The Mill” Framestore, with some interesting VFX of the girls inside crystal spheres/futuristic force-fields that crash into the earth’s atmosphere.

An ambitious and technical film, created and directed by Marco Puig, The Mill were required to split the VFX work for ‘Untouchable’ into pre and post shoot. Puig wanted to do as much work in camera as possible, so The Mill used back projection to create much of the space-scapes before the shoot. This work was then cut into three films – back projection, side projection and reflection projection to put onto the glass spheres.

via Framestore Creates Magic For Girls Aloud | CGnews.

Update: This work was initially attributed to The Mill.  Original article and this article have been corrected.