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3DVIA to Release of 3DVIA Virtools 5 at GDC

by on March 21, 2009

DS announced that they’ve going to be releasing their newest versionof 3DVIA Virtools5 at GDC nexgt week.  3DVIA Virtools is a rapid prototyping game & application middleware, and the new version not only supports alot of additional DCC softwares, but also:

3DVIA Virtools 5 supplements the Virtools Scripting Language (VSL) with Lua support, making the product even more accessible to a larger group of developers. In addition, users now have access within Virtools 5 to the vast Lua behavioral libraries available online. Other 3DVIA Virtools 5 enhancements include improved usability, easy object manipulation and new libraries of professional quality 3D assets.

via PR-CANADA.net – 3DVIA Speeds Up 3D Application and Game Development with the Release of 3DVIA Virtools 5.