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SGI in Trouble Again

by on February 7, 2009

Over at OSNews they’ve got an article about the decline of SGI.  The last quarter (the economic downturn) has been especially bad for SGI, and there’s even talk of SGI requesting a Government bailout.  SGI has long been a favorite of government supercomputing agencies for it’s NUMALink technology (large shared memory spaces), and I’m sure they still make some money in that space.

In any case, SGI is a legendary company, and it would be a sad day for the computing world if they went under. Sure, companies come and go, but I’m sure SGI has a special place in the hearts of many computer fans out there.

Also over at insideHPC, John West has a good breakdown of what’s happened to SGI recently.  Of particular note is the news that the recent poor financials are partly due to the writedown of their recent restructuring (read, layoff).

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