LDV Vision summit

Innovation & Trends in Video and Digital Imaging at the LDV Vision Summit 2016

You might be considering what conference to attend, or what meetup, if you’re interested in technology, visualization or visually-focused businesses. The LDV Vision Summit has all of that and more: a chance to watch startups pitch, talks from the likes of Microsoft, Magic Leap, and (this year) Apple, on new tech coming down the road […]
Fathom Key by Movidius

Deep Learning Accelerator brings supercomputing on a stick for neural network apps

Movidius, machine intelligence partner to DJI, FLIR, Google and others, is introducing the first ever powerful deep learning processing accelerator that fits into a tiny USB Stick. It connects to existing systems and increases the performance of neural networking tasks by 20-30X. It performs at over 150GFLOPS while consuming under 1.2W. Called the Fathom Neural […]
History of Wearables Infographic Header

The History of Wearables (INFOGRAPHIC)

It seemed like a few years ago, wristwatches had gone away entirely. Since there’s a smartphone is almost every pocket, everyone preferred to learn the time by glancing at their personal screen. But overnight, devices appeared on people’s wrists again. But this time they were fancy smartwatches and fitness trackers that logged steps and beeped […]

Images of Freedom

Wazee Digital Offers the American Public Access to Images and Videos of U.S. Military History

Images of Freedom Website Launch Provides Unprecedented Access to the Defense Imagery Management Operations Center (DIMOC) Archive Wazee Digital™  is launching a website for the American public to discover, explore, and access the visual media archive of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Images of Freedom (, launching on April 18, 2016, will provide […]
Digital Nation: household Internet access

Digital Nation, USA (Infographic)

The US Census Bureau gathers information beyond a simple head count of household occupants. This infographic displays digital connectivity in the United States, showing just how prevalent home internet access is across the country. The data displayed doesn’t identify mobile internet access, which probably duplicates home access or might actually supply access where hard-wired internet […]
2016 consumer marketing trends

Top Consumer Marketing Trends (pssst: they’re mobile) (INFOGRAPHIC)

What’s the story on marketing trends that has the most response by consumers? HINT: MOBILE FIRST is where it’s going. And, not just mobile, but mobile that (smartly) is focused on a visual experience; note the Google 3-pack, which is easier to navigate on mobile devices and gives better definition and clarity to images on […]

Accenture Innovation Research Summary

Accenture study shows U.S. Companies Continue to Struggle With Innovation

Companies don’t learn from past mistakes, miss market opportunities and are risk reverse U.S. companies are struggling with various innovation pursuits — continuing a problem they have been grappling with for the past three years, a new Accenture survey finds.   The survey of executives and managers within 500 U.S. companies reveals that six in 10 […]

PTC Academic Program Delivers MOOCs for IoT Learning

PTC Academic Program has released a series of online courses available worldwide through Udemy, the well-know provider of MOOCs. These courses focus on general product development and business strategies associated with the IoT and include presentations, demos and use cases. Participants who utilize these courses will gain specific IoT knowledge that will enable them to extend […]
Super Tuesday by the Numbers

The Numbers Behind Clinton and Trump’s Big Wins on Super Tuesday

Posted on March 3, 2016 by Palmer Gibbs   Businessman Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pulled in significant wins on Super Tuesday, giving each a strong overall lead of delegates and clearing a path for their respective party’s nomination. Although the race is far from over, the results on Tuesday do […]

Converting data into data storytelling through Arria's Natural Language Generation; a weather report

Arria’s Data Storytelling natural language generation: your data is banging at the screen wanting to talk to you

In this interview with Matt Gould, CSO of ARRIA NLG which is a platform that generates natural language to create data storytelling, we begin by discussing the nature of how we see, and how the natural chaos of “seeing” is organized through the development of language skills. Structure and syntax is fundamentally the same throughout […]
Full Motion Video (FMV) technology enables you to quickly and easily analyze video data from drones, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and UASs (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), and video cameras within your ArcGIS environment.

Esri Releases Latest Version of ArcGIS Full Motion Video

Put Your Video on the Map—and the Map in Your Video Esri released the latest version of ArcGIS Full Motion Video (FMV), a technology designed to work with video from drones, manned aircraft, and stationary video surveillance cameras. The release of ArcGIS FMV continues to expand the capabilities of ArcGIS as a complete, professional-level platform […]
Kevin Spacey, Portrait Gallery Director Kim Sajet, and artist Jonathan Yeo

Art Imitates Life As Portrait of “President Francis Underwood” Is Unveiled at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

A major new portrait of Kevin Spacey in his role as House of Cards’ President Francis J. Underwood was unveiled this evening at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. The portrait is a joint project between British artist Jonathan Yeo and the museum, which houses the only complete collection of presidential portraits outside of […]

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